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Susan Wilder, MD

The Vitality Prescription to Balancing Career and Family

Dr. Laura Jana

Meeting Your Child's Developmental Needs and the QI Skills

Lisa Flynn

Yoga Practice for Families and Children

Tom Corley

Raise Your Kids to be Financially Secure

Dr. Robert Melillo

Meeting Developmental Needs through 'Brain Balance'

John O'Sullivan

Bring "Play" Back into Play Ball

Julie Davidson

You Are Not Alone, Parents Have More in Common Than You Think

Bill Ratner

The Story Teller Gives Insight Into Media's Effect on Our Kids

Erin Michelle Threlfall

Educating Our Children in The Ways of Mindfulness

Michele Fisher

Traveling with Career and Staying Connected with Your Family

Hillary Tubin

Boys & Literacy: Helping Our Boys to Enjoy Reading

Eve Costarelli

Flamenco Dance in Schools, Meets The Needs of Our Youth

Holly Homer

Why Play Is So Important for Our Children

Tracy Cutchlow

Say What You SeeĀ® and Improve Communication With Your Children

James J. Crist

Siblings and Friends: Why These Relationships Are So Valuable

Dr. Eva Ritvo

Kindness is Something We Could All Benefit From

Dr. Lisa Strohman

Technology's Hold on Our Youth; How to Navigate to Solutions

Lilly Cadoch

Parents and Caregivers are Guided in How to Bring Healthy Habits into Their Own Families

Wendi McKenna

Encouraging Movement from the Start: Babies and Children Grow Through Play

Dr. Lisa Reynolds

Divorce and Its Effect on Children; Guidance for Parents

Dr. Michael Bradley

Resiliency-Boosting Strategies Help Teens Overcome Anxiety

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